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Our Programs

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Transition Rehabilitation Home. We bring them to our rehabilitation home, providing for their basic needs, We help them spiritually by discipling the children and teaching them about Jesus.   


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Christian-based Pre & Primary Schools intended to empower students to become life long learners through a Christ centered education.

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Mercy Christian Schools


We’re seeing people healed both spiritually and physically, and it’s incredible to see how God is moving in both. The church and the medical center have opened up so many opportunities to bring hope and life to people.

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Mercy Church

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Our mission is to help in prevention of street children by empowering the family unit and reconciling God’s children to Him. 

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Family Empowerment


Already about 500 people a month are walking through our doors to get treatment. Every day the Mercy Medical Center helps us follow our calling to help kids and saving lives.

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Mercy Medical Center

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Our goal for this program is to reach out to these women through financial literacy. We train these ladies for two months, then we do an assessment on their businesses and home, and then provide them with a small loan to boost their business to help it grow.

Micro Loans

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