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Transitional Rehabilitation Home

What is a Transitional Rehabilitation Home?

What we do:


Mercy TRH is a mediatory home for former street children and other abandoned children at risk. We’re approved by the ministry of gender. The goal of this ministry is to provide a safe and loving environment for child while strengthening families through employment projects so they can care for their children. While working towards this goal, we seek to keep children off of the streets, safe and in school.


We work with the police, the probation officer, local authorities together with community members to identify abandoned babies and other vulnerable children in the community. 

Our initial step is to rescue these children from any form of danger such as hunger, sickness and any other kind of risk that this child maybe exposed to. 


At the time of admission, some children are ignorant about life in a normal community. They don’t understand basic hygiene habits or have never sat in a classroom. In order for them to be accepted into society, they need to be rehabilitated. At our approved children’s home, we seek this rehabilitation through an environment with loving Christian house mothers and fathers who work as caretakers, parental figures and models to the children. We also provide counseling and discipleship along with the basic requirements like food, clothes, medical, education and housing.


Because we believe that a family is the best place for a child to grow and offer best upbringing, we work together with the community to find these children’s families, investigate why they ran away from home (incase of former street children) and try to find a way of reconciling them with their families, if they exist. In cases where the family is abusive to a child, we look out for the extended family and try to empower them to care for the child at risk.

In cases where the known family members are not willing to raise up the orphaned child, or if abandoned without any trace of a known relative, we allow the children to be available for legal fostering and adoption. We make sure their new families are willing to look after them as their own and help them have a bright future. 

We believe that a family environment is the ideal place for every child to grow up.


It is our mandate to help these children know that God has not forgotten them and that He loves and knows each one of them by name. So during restoration, we help them build a personal relationship with God. 

We also believe that education is the second greatest gift after salvation that we can ever give to a child. We train them to become responsible citizens and godly leaders. We believe in teaching people how to fish rather than just giving them the fish.


Once we have empowered a child’s family to provide a safe and loving environment, we permanently reunite the child back in his or her family. In some cases, we continue to provide for the child’s education, depending on the financial status of the family taking in the child. We also visit these homes to ensure that the children are well cared for.

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