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Core Values


  1. We are Christian - We follow Christ by embodying the beliefs of the Christian faith. People working with us must be Christian or agree to live a life reflecting this. 

  2. Committed to child protectionSafeguarding children from violence, exploitation, abuse, and neglect is the soul reason for our existence.

  3. Committed to empowering the poor - Our focus is to help the poor people in our community to improve their living conditions. We teach people how to fish rather than give them fish. 

  4. Stewardship -We’re accountable to God, our donors and stakeholders. We’re responsible for all things entrusted to us and we’re expected to serve with integrity. 

  5. Quality and Excellence - We intend to give God the best in whatever we do because we believe that ministry is an act of worship and we ought to give God our utmost best.

  6. Teamwork We collaborate efforts to complete tasks in the most effective and efficient way to achieve a common goal. 

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