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Mercy Church

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Mercy Church, which started in 2017, is a brainchild of Mercy Child Care Ministry. Having realized a community need from those that visited both the child care and the medical facility, Mercy Church was founded to harness the spiritual need in the community. The church has a role not only to know Jesus but to make Him known in our surrounding. So far, many have been led to the saving power of the Lord. Two church plants have been established out of Mercy Church. There is continual transformation of lives, marriages and Businesses. The community comfortably has a place they can call their Spiritual Home.



Knowing Jesus and making Him known.


A transformed and equipped people knowing Christ and transforming nations.

Core Values
Sound doctrine


About Us

Weekly Services

As a church we strive to provide a place where people can encounter a life changing experience with God. We purpose to create an environment where people feel loved, equipped, transformed and accepted. We have 5 services a week that is; Thursday evening 6-8pm, Sunday 7:30am – 8:30am, 9:00am – 10:15am, 10:30am – 12:30pm and a youth service Sunday 3-6pm. You’re welcome to join us.  



We believe that any growing church should have a rooted discipleship program and as we strive towards fulfilling the great commission, we know that it all starts somewhere; it’s not a day’s journey. 


Discipleship helps individuals to know who we are as a church and begin a journey of fulfilling their personal journey of salvation. We purpose to transform and equip people for Christ. 


Life groups

We were created for relationships and church should not be any different. Life groups are a source of friendship and a support system for people within the church both in low and high moments of life. They help connect us to people within us with whom we share similar interests and similar life issues. 


Youth Ministry


Marrieds’ Ministry


Women’s Minsitry




The Elders


Elder Godfrey Katende married to Harriet Katende and together they have seven children. Elder Katende is a former member of the Worship House Nansana which mothered Mercy Church. He is an Educationist and has served as Both Director and Head teacher in various schools for the last 25years and currently is the director of M&J Junior School. He is a graduate with Corban University in Pastoral leadership. He currently heads the Elders board as the chairman. 

Elder John Meddie Segane married to Lydia Segane since 2013 and they have four children. He is a skilled Architect and Fine Artist. He has worked on a number of building projects for the last fifteen years. Elder Segane is a passionate administrator and bible Teacher. He is a graduate with Corban university in pastoral leadership.

Elder Jerome Kakule married to Dorothy Bella Kakule and they have one child. He is an Educationist as well as medical personnel. He is passionate about Discipleship and mentorship. He is the patron to the Youth ministry and Discipleship ministry at Mercy church.

Pastor Mukiibi Freddie married to Sandra Mukiibi and they have one child. He is a specialist in information technology and has practiced for the last 8years. Pastor Freddie currently heads the prayer ministry. He heads the Corban University Africa Training program focused on training leaders and Pastors. He is a graduate with Corban University in pastoral leadership.


Pastor Wilfred Blair Rugumba is married to Vena Ingabire Rugumba and they have five children. Pastor Wilfred is the founding and lead pastor of Mercy Church – Mende. He also is the executive director mercy childcare ministry. He holds a bachelors degree in community leadership and currently pursuing a masters degree in Organizational Leadership and Management with DAI under Uganda Christian University Mukono. 

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