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We believe in the next generation.  We believe in helping others. We believe in providing hope in people’s lives through the love of Christ and with Him at the center of all we do. Here at Mercy Child Care Ministry, our commitment is to raise up the next generation of Godly leaders to bring transformation throughout Uganda for the glory of God. Our vision is to reach out to the suffering children with the love of Christ, and our mission is to help in prevention of street children by empowering the family unit and reconciling God’s children to Him. Every day we are helping kids and saving lives and we are doing this through several different ministries. 

We have several different programs that are all designed to help the needy and empower the family. We are going to the streets, to the slums, we are having outreaches and building relationships and through that we are finding the most vulnerable and at risk kids. We see their needs; we see they need help, and so we rescue them. We bring them to our rehabilitation home, and through that we are helping them physically by providing for their basic needs, we help them emotionally by having family style homes, and finally, we help them spiritually by discipleling the child and teaching them about Jesus.  


While the children are in our rehabilitation home, our goal is to empower their family through our Family Empowerment Program with the intention of reuniting them one day. We want them to be able to take care of their own kid, so we set opportunities where we can teach them life skills. Through our Family Empowerment Program, we provide Microloans, we do business training, and we build homes. Our goal through this program to empower them instead enabling; we’d rather teach them how to fish rather than just giving them fish, and we’ve seen the concept be very effective in our community


With the children in our care, we want what is absolutely best for them, and with that we decided we needed to start our own school to give them the absolute best education. We are currently sending our kids to several different schools, and we noticed the schools we send them to aren’t consistent in the quality of education, the quality of care and having a spiritual component. Some schools might have quality of education and a spiritual component but be lacking in the other, so by starting our school, we believe we will meet those three areas while raising up leaders to change Uganda for the better. Along with our new school, we have also started a special needs school recently to help empower our kids and to give them a better future. 

Here at Mercy, we’re not just passionate about kids, but we’re also passionate about reaching people and helping the needy for the Kingdom of God, and that’s why we built both a church and a medical center. We’re seeing people healed both spiritually and physically, and it’s incredible to see how God is moving in both. So many people have given their lives to Christ through Mercy Church already, and about 500 people a month are walking through our doors to get treatment. The church and the medical center have opened up so many opportunities to bring hope and life to people.

If you empower the women, you empower the family, and then you empower the community.

Here at Mercy Child Care Ministry, we are all about empowering women, empowering families and empowering our community, so that the Kingdom of God can be impacted and that Uganda can be changed for the better. 

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Empowering Families

We started a ministry here to do just that, a ministry that helps people get on their feet, so that they could more for their kids while bettering their situations. Our Family Empowerment Program was birthed out of this passion for women; we saw that a women’s heart is for her family, so when you empower them, you’re also empowering her children. To us, it’s not just about the women alone, but about the children that are being raised. 

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Our Story and Statement of Failth

Mission and Vision

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