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Educating the

Next Generation

Mercy Christian Schools

Our goal for the children in Mercy Child Care Ministry, the next generation, is to raise them up to be Godly leaders that will bring transformation to our nation for the glory of God.

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One of the ways we want to raise them to be great leaders is through their education; however, we have run into many challenges with their education and the schools in Uganda. We want our kids to be in schools that are consistent in their quality of care, quality of education while also having a spiritual component. 

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Since we are raising up leaders, we need them to have education that is excellent and above average. We are currently having over 200 kids in Mercy, but they’re all spread out at different schools receiving different styles of education. Some kids’ schools will have great quality care and the spiritual component, but will be lacking in quality education, and other schools will have great education, wonderful quality of care but have no spiritual component. The challenges we are currently facing is that these schools are not consistent in having the spiritual component, quality education and quality care which led us to the decision to start our own school. 

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The school is about three kilometers from Mercy, and it already has five classrooms, five boarding rooms and a kitchen. The school still needs a lot of work to be done, but our goal is to have it opened in 2019. 


We are truly thankful for this school and the goodness of God as He answered our prayer with more than we were expecting. We are believing that great leaders will come out of this school and will change Uganda. The school is in an area where there is a lot of darkness, but it gives us the incredible opportunity to be the light of Christ. We can’t wait to see how this school will be used for the glory of God. 

For the past year, we have been praying for more land so that we could build and start our own school.


After facing many challenges with the schools here, our vision was to have a school where we could have all of our kids together, and for them to receive a good Christian education while also being discipled and poured into. After praying about this new school and land for it, God provided a school already built with several boarding homes attached to it and on three acres of land. The school is worth $160,000 which is 567 million Shillings, but God is so good. The owners of the school decided to sell it to Mercy for $80,000, and we already have half of that already deposited!

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