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For many years Mercy Child Care Ministry had offered family services (child protection to the at risk-vulnerable children and family empowerment) to the under privileged. However, the health care mandate was never in place and both our kids and pupils in our surrounding communities had to travel long distances to find appropriate health services and many lost their lives as they could not access these and on time. Considering the interested demand for health care services in Bukasa –Mende and its surrounding villages, Mercy Medical Center was started.

Mercy Medical Center is a fulltime (24 hour) functional facility with a professional team to provide quality health care services to all its clients i e the children of mercy child care ministry and all people that demand available health services from this facility at an affordable cost to both the facility and the client.

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To provide quality and sustainable health care services at an affordable cost 



To provide a responsive healing environment for patients and their families and improve the quality of life for all members of our community.



We Are Christian

Quality And Excellence






•    To provide high quality Patient – focused health care that is readily accessible ,cost effective  and meets the demands of the communities we serve.

•    To ensure peace of mind through high quality compassionate treatment and care beyond patient expectation.

•    To educate our patients about health and empower them to be partners in their care.


Our services include but are not limited to inpatient, outpatient, antenatal, delivery postnatal care, circumcisions, physiotherapy, counseling, immunization and a fully functional theater and laboratory.

Providing hope through medicine

A couple of years ago, we were so discouraged by the number of children dying from preventable and curable diseases, so we decided to do something about it and to meet the need in the community. We started to pursue the dream of building a medical center, and that vision came to life in 2016 when Mercy Medical Center opened its doors. 


The last six years have been incredible as we have been able to treat people, deliver babies and save people’s lives. However, it hasn’t always been easy; when we first started, there were many challenges that we faced that we were not expecting. The first struggle we faced was just getting the medical center to run and to run with excellence. The second challenge we faced was mothers needing to be delivered; in order to be a delivering hospital, we had to have an operating room in case of a caesarean section, and at that moment we were not equipped with one.


Since then, we have been able to add on more services and it has helped meet the need in the community even more. We finally opened our operating room in 2017, and since opening, we have been able to add onto our services. We are now able to do ultrasound scans, general surgery and immunizations. Along with those services, we also do outpatient treatment, lab-work, labor and delivery, physiotherapy, free community outreaches, and in-patient services. Through these services, we are helping around 500 people a month, and delivering about 20 babies with 10-20 Caesarean Sections. 


For us, even though it’s great, it’s not enough. In our community of 25,000, we are the only medical center that is able to offer services at a small cost, but even then, we aren’t able to meet all their needs and we have to refer them to the national referral hospital which is a long distance for many. In the next ten years, our goal is to be a big hospital and to be the best in the country. We want to offer advanced care; our goal is to have a whole maternity unit and dental unit; we want our operating room to be expanded, and we want to be able to do transfusions. Along with these, our goal is to have more specialties, more diagnostics and more equipment. We’re believing that this will happen within the next five to ten years. 


Every day, our numbers are increasing. We are seeing 20 to 40 patients a day, and we are providing medicine and services at such a small cost; we are impacting the community and the hearts of the people who enter our doors. Through the medical center, we have been able to witness to many people including witch doctors, and through that connection, we have invited them to Mercy Church. Our Medical Center isn’t about just treating people, but it’s about providing hope, providing love and providing a future for many who thought all was lost. We are thankful for the medical center and the hope it brings everyday. 

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