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Dedicated to Caring for At-risk Children in Uganda

Mercy Childcare Ministry is a Christian founded NGO incorporated and licensed to carry out it’s activities in Uganda. We run a transitional rehabilitation home, a medical center, schools, churches and a Sacco.

The ministry was started in 2002 by Pastors Wilfred Blair Rugumba and Wilson Bugembe with the aim of reducing on the number of suffering children in Uganda.  This work was inspired by Pastor Wilson’s life story; having lost both parents at a tender age, he ended up living on the streets of Kampala from where a good Samaritan took him into his home and educated him. Pastor Wilson later started singing about his life story and his music has blessed so many people in our country. In response to the overwhelming numbers of street children, orphans and abandoned babies being brought to us for help, we opened our single-roomed house (10 by 7 ft) for such children. By then we were still in high school!

MCCM adopted a holistic approach which also caters for community empowerment so as to address the root causes of suffering and child abandonment. We also further carry out education, reconciliation and spiritual nurture programs within the community where we’re established. 

“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther

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